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Baseball batter hawaiian shirt When I grow up I use to tell myself i’m going to help the poor people, now I’ve grown and I’m the poor people How does he look like Bernie, Will and Martin thougt. His Bernie is spot on. Damn I miss him Dammm dawg Bernie Mac this video made my day, Bernie Mac will forever be the best comedian in my book. His Kevin is on point but the Will impression didn’t hit Fantastic. man his Kevin is clean You punk sumuma Love this he’s really good lol and it looks like the cards is backwards  Awww Bernie Mac how we miss him but omg this was awesome how they mimic each of them bravo I know that’s hard to do . For the people asking how he looks so much like these celebrities, it’s a face filter. It’s one guy doing all parts. He got popular after posting a video doing these impressions at school.

hawaiian shirt 2

Baseball batter hawaiian shirt

This was great Lol. I love itall my favorites Baseball batter hawaiian shirt heyy lil brother kevyou know i really think you my little brother. lol very Great imitations of Mr Hart ,MrSmith ,Mr Lawrence and The Legendary Mr Bernie Mac. How come he kinda looks like each of them when he’s acting them . I miss Bernie Mac but that Martin was awful lol. Rest spot on Is it me but Will looks kinda hot with a neck tattoo. Hilarious! Been in some seriously deep UNO games, but this is the best OMG. great immitation of you. I gotta go today and watch one of your shows again. hahaha. Just had this fight last night. He has their eyes photo shopped on him right He does Bernie perfectits the eyes that get me . So how Will with all them damn cards he had Bernie Mac actor nailed it.miss him.

Baseball batter hawaiian shirt 1
hawaiian shirt 1

Baseball batter hawaiian shirt

Will Smith is the one I had to take a double look at Wow.voices are like 95 to 100 percent accurate.. dont look at it just listen to it.. man How did he look a little like them too Damn, that Bernie Mac impression was on point! Miss him Still Miss Bernie Mac hello America. Beautiful rendition right there. When you going to do a movie with will smith. Cheap as Bernie Mac impersonations It’s definitely funny but did anyone notice the cards were backwards The voices and manurisms are on point.. Did Kevin do all of these voices Amazing. How is this man looking like 4 different people. It looks like kevin it looks like will but that aint bernie mac or martain. not just the voices but the facial expressions on point. This is all the same guy is this all one guy This is incredible homage to the greats

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