BNSF railway ge tier 4 gevo et44c4 locomotive hawaiian shirt


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Dannie Marin Moro. Beautiful man. Does he ship flowers?. Best of luck in your new location! You clearly nailed being a wonderful father by setting such a positive example for your daughter . Sandra Sutherland BNSF railway ge tier 4 gevo et44c4 locomotive hawaiian shirt Nice. A man after my own heart for many reasons. There aren’t many Bills around in terms of being such an involved father and the humbleness of loving other people. I love Bill because I see myself in him. I never met a stranger. I adapt easily and by his da. Sweet! Peace, health and love to you and your family.. A telling statement: So much of your day is is spent on everyone else. You will always be his daughter. I worked part-time in a florist shop for 2 years in high school. I loved it, and they were great to me, letting me do sales, deliveries, and calls with people who needed some special care because there was a problem.

BNSF railway ge tier 4 gevo et44c4 locomotive hawaiian shirt 1
Hawaiian shirt 1

BNSF railway ge tier 4 gevo et44c4 locomotive hawaiian shirt

Brings happy tears to my heart. What a lovely man!. Wonderful!. So loving story . It’s always so wonderful to just be the daughter at times. I love my one on one time with my mom and also my daddy.. Sangeeta Thomas . Keep close to ur Dad I miss mine so much all the little times we had the chance to get together and our talks plus eating some good food that will never come back.. I would definitely visit Frazer Florist Shop, if I lived in New York! I love flowers too!. Love love love this! . Beautiful story! Wishing Bill and “his daughter” the very best!!. This was a joy to read! You have a way with words and your beautiful father must be very proud . Thank you for your story. Love it!. So proud of my sister for this, my dad is an amazing man. A person who truly cares about others, i wish i could be half the man he as a humanitarian and i also wish i was was not double the man he is weight wise!! Love yall. BNSF railway ge tier 4 gevo et44c4 locomotive hawaiian shirt

BNSF railway ge tier 4 gevo et44c4 locomotive hawaiian shirt 2
Hawaiian shirt 2

BNSF railway ge tier 4 gevo et44c4 locomotive hawaiian shirt

I live this!!!!. I love this!!!!. 1. Love it!. Sweeeeet!. I’m not crying you’re crying.. Love McSorley’s! Wonderful story and caption! Thank you for sharing!. Billy Vallette. What a great story and shared memory with your dad . That’s an Irish man right there!! Memory of an elephant and always excited to see a familiar face!! . What a nice story!. John Solan. I love all the inspirational posts and the ones that make my heart ache but this is just so sweet. It’s a balm for the soul.. Wow!. This is so sweet! Made me tear up! . What a great story. Thanks for sharing this.. I knew Matty for years. This is so very believable. Spent many a gray afternoon next to the stove. Can’t be duplicated. .. Rachel Macauley gotta read thisloved it. What a sweet story! Love McSorely’s.. Danielle Myskiw Melanie Murray we were there!!. Brett Pletzke