British shorthair cute cat crack car sticker cats lover


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Angela Di Megliowe all have a nasty habit of judging a book by the cover. We all have self doubt issues and some more than others. We need to stop doubting ourselves. You are amazing. Look in the mirror everyday and tell yourself I am a handsome stud and all the girls Leah AO WeeksSounds like you’ve made some great first steps already – seeing a therapist and turning around that inner narrative – all while being funny and introspective. Keep up your excellent work!14 . Paula Santos-ShevettI am just like you. At my peak I was pushing 350 pounds. One suicidal snap later I committed to weight loss and got down to 185 and guess what? I’m still alone/relationship-less. Why? Because it’s not actually about the weight or the way you look, but Vicki EighmeyBaby steps Luke. You got this!!  . Li AdenugaSending you love Luke. I’m so sorry you’re in pain. Thank you for sharing your story. I relate to it in many ways. 6  British shorthair cute cat crack car sticker cats lover

British shorthair cute cat crack car sticker cats lover 1
Car sticker 1

British shorthair cute cat crack car sticker cats lover

Roya Soleimani Winner Sending you lots of love and thanks for opening your heart and story! Wishing you a lifetime of joy!2 . Barbara DobsonYou’re a great guy! Hold your head up and be proud . Kathy RadiganI’m so so happy that you got a chance to show the world who you are. I hope you find someone who’s really special. 1 . Regina Tayar Cioffi . David WeilandThere’s a lot of good out there . Top fanLeslie Holliday AbbottI bet everyone is watching this video with a beaming smile, if not tears. Best of luck to you! Have a happy life!  . Linda DaneshGreat seeing you here ! I’m happy for you gaining so much positive support ! All the best to you ! . Julie DouglassYour face makes me happy!  . Caroline MaryI love his accent!!1 . Angeles GomezI wish you all the best the Universe has to offer. . Cody LebelNo, thank you. I love you brother1  British shorthair cute cat crack car sticker cats lover

British shorthair cute cat crack car sticker cats lover 2
Car sticker 2

British shorthair cute cat crack car sticker cats lover

Mark DavidYou already know the answer. When you made yourself a joke you were seen as a joke. The trick, my friend, is to LOVE YOURSELF in the exact way you want your soulmate to love you. It puts a demonstration out there for others to witness and someday soo Top fanCzeplik ChristopherLuke, it takes a huge set of balls and a brilliantly pure heart to discuss something like this so candidly and heroically in a public forum. You deserve an incalculable measure of respect for what you’ve written. Don’t ever step off the path leading y Serena Hoffman Lambert“Before he decided to bully himself “ = powerful 8 . Kelly SuzanneIt’s takes a lot of courage to pour your heart out for everyone to read and feel. You are a beautiful person inside and out and deserve happiness!Be kind to yourself and realize your worth. Appearances are not everything, heart is, and that my


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