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Sharon LotzYes, she is a hidden diamond. . Catherine MarksGeorge . Adanna AgukweIf love and light was a person, it would be Rosso. . Melissa Young Schroeder”‘Sarge’ Hawkins came out the front door spitting fire so I followed the heat.” This kind of writing is why we can’t get enough of your stories. Your words and pictures give us glimpses Into our world we can’t fully experience alone. Love to you HONY Sally BentleyI can hear “Hawkinson” talking, just from looking at that picture.  . Rosemary Welch KohmThank you for your dedication, Liz . Anna SloaneShould be more like Rosso what an incredible world this would be.  . Gina KristineImagine if every school in American had a Rosso ?!?!  . LJ BaeMisti Hoops Welcome to Humans of New York, sister! I know you will enjoy it and be in the best of hands with unique stories about people and their lives. You’re gonna love it!!! 1  Bulldog beer august hawaiian shirt and short

Bulldog beer august hawaiian shirt
Hawaiian shirt

Bulldog beer august hawaiian shirt and short

Top fabulous educators here!  . Stephanie Gillespie-StrodeSchool Social Workers  . London AllenI love this so much . Maitlynd JonesMaddie Jones Kadi Jones Trent Edwin . Elizabeth Sinunu KohmI teach in the Bronx – the sign behind Rosso and Hawkins says “community school” and that’s what we are in the Bronx. Our schools would not function without the community created, reinforced, and cultivated by people like these ladies. Love their camar Natalie Fresinger . Katerina Voutsinathe world needs mopre Rossosand your energy girl!! . Christine Dougherty GreggorBless you Rosso xoxoxo . Olivia CharlotteAm so happy to have you here thanks too for your time . Anna EacretMay we all have a hype person like Sarge in our lives, my friend do you know how to apply for grant money because I got the money on Monday . Cailie KafuraROSSO 2024 . Ivory BensonAm I the only one who sees resemblance of Martin Lawrence no ok   Bulldog beer august hawaiian shirt and short

Bulldog beer august hawaiian shirt 1
Hawaiian shirt 1

Bulldog beer august hawaiian shirt and short

Trevor RaushiJenna 1 . Laurie SatmariaYou are both awesome!!  . Marisol Perez-Gracin . Chol LeeEveryone needs a Hawkinson Hypewoman!! . Mandy Zipperer Jackson . Top fanSusie McKenzieDid anyone else read that in a New York accent?? Lol love this story  . Shreetama MukherjeeFinding the right person. . Shreetama MukherjeeCongrats  . Top fanJoan DanielsLook at them in this picture. You can feel the love! Many blessings to both Rosso and “Hawkinson”!  . Shanda DrawdyThe world needs more Rossos and more Hawkins to recognize them  . Sue DeversEvery child needs someone to believe in them, Awesome, Sexy Rosso  . Top fanCharles Patrick LynchThey should make a movie about this special lady, or even a TV show. . Chantal HawkerJaimary Boon amazing 1 . Koray SallarThis was wholesome. . Angely Andrade VallartaAll the tears. I could almost hear Ms.Hawkins speaking . Amanda LouiseLightworker  . Tiger LeeYes two beautiful people Mrs Hawkins makes sure your okay and Rosso do a follow-up. Words can’t express the genuine care that these women have for our community. They just wanna see that everyone is okay. love you guys MS 158 family.

Bulldog beer august hawaiian short
Hawaiian short


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