Cat round rug

  • Material:

    The Round rug is made of high-quality polyester and includes non-slip rubber backing which prevents moisture leaks while keeping the rug in place.

    Sizes:  Our Round rugs have 4 sizes:

      • Size S: 24 inch – 60 centimeters
      • Size M: 31 inch  – 80 centimeters
      • Size L: 39 inch – 100 centimeters
      • Size XL: 47 inch – 120 centimeters

    Thickness: About 3-5mm.

    Quantitative: 850GSM

    Scrap off dirt, water, dust, grit, mud, slush, sleet, grass or rain, snow and absorbent moisture from shoes instantly, keeping floors clean and dry. Our rug are widely used for home decor, bedroom, living room, office and more (not recommend for outdoor use).

    Nice gift ideal for all occasions, New year, Wedding, Birthday, St.Patrick’s Day, Christmas themed party

    We recommend a light vacuuming of the rug to assist in the settling process.

    We recommend a light vacuuming of the rug to assist in the settling process.

    Instruction to remove new rug wrinkles and creases:

    Step 1: Fill iron with water. Pre-heat to highest setting with steam on high.
    Step 2: Place white towel onto the rug, while applying pressure, iron directly over towel. Iron the full area of the rug.
    Step 3: Once all wrinkles and creases are removed, vacuum the rug to fluff up the pile if it is tufted.


    It is manual measurement, there may be 1-2cm error.
    Due to the different monitor and light effects, the actual color and size of the item may be slightly different from the visual image.


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Let’s buy this Cat round rug, it’s a great mask that you should have. If you wanna get this rug, first choose the type of rug you want to buy, then choose your favorite color, finally choose the rug size. It will take about 3 to 5 days to produce the rug and about 14 days to ship to your home.

Cat round rug

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What a lovely rug!

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