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Great story. This is why jails should be abolished and replaced by actual rehabilitation centres, so that more people like John can be supported like this, particularly for non violent drug offences. Good luck John!. I am a strong believer in corrections education! Thank you President Obama for introducing us to and acknowledging John. An inspiring story   Chicago bears chicago floral nfl football hawaiian shirt · Follow. I’ve known John Gargano and his family for most of his life. He was born for greatness and got sidetracked. But for God and the gracious heart of President Obama, John was given a second chance. He is humble, honest and honorable! This post by Preside Crazy Crazy sentencing system for drug offenders. Disproportionate! What a great result for John. Kudos to you giving him a real chance at success Love to hear success stories after years of hard work. Thank you, President Obama for showing us that The Power of One makes a difference. For John, you are that one.

Chicago bears chicago floral nfl football hawaiian shirt 2
hawaiian shirt 2

Chicago bears chicago floral nfl football hawaiian shirt

Thankyou Mr. Obama for sharing. I am a Canadian and fully support what is happening now in the USA. I am very thankful for our Health Care here in Canada. I may be long gone if there was no help here because of my health problems over the years. I sinc It’s a terrible thing to know people have to make life altering decisions to pay for healthcare. I don’t know how many GoFundMe pages I have contributed to as a way to help people with medical expenses. As far as I’m concerned we should have healthca. It’s stories like this that make you a great President. Empathy, vision, conviction and compassion. Thank you I’m 11 years breast cancer survivor this July 1st. Upon my diagnosis, in 2011, my insurance that I had paid faithfully into for 10 years raised my deductible to $4,000. per office visit. After my state’s cancer Medicaid expired (the only option I had Chicago bears chicago floral nfl football hawaiian shirt

Chicago bears chicago floral nfl football hawaiian shirt 1
hawaiian shirt 1

Chicago bears chicago floral nfl football hawaiian shirt

good call Mr. President! a change must be done for those who want to redeem and show real interest better opportunities less expensive than keeping them in jail. Everyone should be proud of his accomplishments. He made his 2nd chance worth everything! Congratulations to him and to you for granting him a new life with reason to forge ahead!. You DID a great job as POTUS ! History will remember you as one of the greatest US President and not only as the first Black American to sit behind the resolute desk ! We we can became Yes we did it ! Period ! . What a brutal justice system you have in the USA. Never ceases to surprise and sadden me how a rich and so called sophisticated country can endure such a set up. Great decision president Obama,that satisfies the condition for the “second chance “,as a right step in the Re -entry process ,in the criminal justice system.

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