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We absolutely need prison and criminal justice reform, with 1/4 of our population affected by it, the numbers are staggering.. Kudos to you for allowing this chance but more kudos to John for taking this chance and not only improving his life but also helping to improve the lives of others. You opened the door and he ran through it. Well done John!. Thank you, Mr. President, for always seeing the good in people, and for demonstrating that quality while leading this country. You are missed.. Good for you, John! Keep up the wiser choices!. Mr. President, you and Michelle are living inspiration and example for young men and women across the world to understand the importance of education in an individual’s life and how it ultimately benefits the society as a whole. Non violent drug offenders, especially first time, should NEVER e given longer jail sentences than murderers and rapists. Our justice system is so flawed Cleveland cavaliers nfl football hawaiian shirt

Cleveland cavaliers nfl football hawaiian shirt 2
hawaiian shirt 2

Cleveland cavaliers nfl football hawaiian shirt

Claire TalbotThank you. As a school librarian who has been shut out of the library since the start of Covid (necessary for the safety of all), it lifted my heart to see this small snippet of conversation today Susan Tomaino FernandezI voted for you twice as president, and I have always loved you from the First time I heard you address the American people.I have so much admiration for you, you are such a kind hearted, sincere man! God bless you Bjorn MyhreIt was great to have you as a President, and your love for books and learning is inspirational Marilyn SteinerI was a children’s librarian then library director and I know first hand how libraries change lives. From providing board books and picture books for children to home bound services for seniors, libraries have something for everyone. The enormous amount . Michael MitchellGreat to see you Chief. Just remember how much we love you man! What a great experience to have our First Black American President be such a fine spirit, positive influence, and beautiful hope. Hope begats Hope in us and it’s a great help to have such Cleveland cavaliers nfl football hawaiian shirt

Cleveland cavaliers nfl football hawaiian shirt 1
hawaiian shirt 1

Cleveland cavaliers nfl football hawaiian shirt

Dear Mr. President: The Affordable Care Act is great as far as it goes. But we need to get rid of the “insurance” model for paying for health care, once and for all. Great President who not only listened but acted in the best interest of the Nation. Had no time for state Capture. May she RIP.. When policy stop treatment we all lose. This is beyond unacceptable. RIP Natoma, thank you Barack Obama. May she Rest In Peace and thank you for sharing. I would never qualify for insurance on my own either as I have complicated Crohn’s disease; thank you Natoma!. This is the way a president should speak. Passion, caring, respect and such strength. May this incredible lady find peace and no more pain. May her family find peace in knowing that this courageous lady helped to change a nation. Nobody would insure me

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