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I don’t know if you’ll ever read this message, but I still decided to send it, Kevin I’m a great admirer of you, I follow your work a lot, kevin I have a dream, to be a movie actor, this dream I’ve had since I was a kid, today I am 22 years old and I f See more. Your really talent comedian Ugandanz love u so much.more yrs bro. Wendel Robinson. Kevin you really had life going for you and your family. Family mean everything . I haven’t seen enough advertising for the movie, when does it come out again?. I’m lovin the ensemble. You can’t be cancelled. Much love Kevin. In my country it’s actually a few hours to go about 30hrs. My role model one day am going to meet u sir. hey Kevin. just reminding you of the funny book that im writing and looking forward to you helping me sell! packed with extreme explicit humorous content! Its Called Gwiyen Ve A: The Green Grin. I speak Creole and everything will be translated. I’ll  Fire truck hawaiian shirt

Fire truck hawaiian shirt 2
shirt 2

Fire truck hawaiian shirt

Looking forward to it. This is going to be a crazy daddy .crazy father. I’m in California this week. Kevin Hart you post every day but you don’t respond to fan’s. Of course we’re waiting for it Fire truck hawaiian shirt Great messages and pictures Kevin Hart yes. When I was 12, I set my goals that I would finish my form 4 at 16, graduate at 21 with a bachelor’s degree in engineering and have all the riches at 25. As I write this, I am 25 and searching for a MK100 I left in my pants the other day You Our one of my favourite comedians. Ed Blanco. One of my favorites Kevin Hart. John Dean. Kevin am from kenya can you please say to me. Two more day for Father-hood


Fire truck hawaiian shirt

The voices are spot on. So good!. He’s a Truly Gifted Comedian Impersonator. This is in fact hilarious some great comedians to mimics . He’s funny and good I knew each person he was playingnot gonna lie had to double take on Kevin he nailed it. Best video ive ever seen. My favorite comedians of all time and also my favorite actor. I miss Bernie Mac. He was a good freind of my brother My brother had a show called clean house a few urs ago. It’s Amazing how his eyes change with each celebrity. He’s Awesome. Kevin, OMGthat is good Loved it. Got me a little sad tho cuz I miss Bernie Mac. One of my favorite comedians Also, his impersonation of you is in point. We know that wasnt kevin cause he aint that big. His face expressions are on point. Kevin Hart is sooo funny! I just love his humor and can use it at a time such as this. Love, Love and mo Love

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