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You just never know what impact you have in someone’s life. I love that her family waited for you.. In this interview alone, you have shared so many stories. It looks like you could write and illustrate your own books while you are helping your father’s pizzeria business.. You’re a star!! You get it. You got it. You’re very fortunate. You made your way and saw the good, gave good and made memories. In the end, we only have memories to take with us. LOVE your story!!. Sometimes where we ” ended up” is so much more fulfilling to ourselves and others then what we had ” dreamed of”.. I frequent Lenny’s. They’re such cool and nice people. They’re friendly and kind to people in the community. Her dad is there from time to time, still working. Such an awesome sight. They compliment each other!. “Really real”. Being a real human is wonderful. What a legacy! George washington 1776 suck it england t-shirt

George washington 1776 suck it england hoodie

George washington 1776 suck it england t-shirt

AuthorHumans of New York Elizabeth’s story is part of a series I’m doing with NEWYORKNICO to celebrate New York’s Comeback. During the month of June we’re highlighting the city’s biggest asset—its people. Nico has been introducing me to some of his favorite New Yorkers– and h 3.9K . Top FanJanis MaraGo, Green Lady, go! I can just imagine the delight children take in you. I love it when people go to such lengths to establish a persona and amuse others. I live in the San Francisco Area and we used to have the Nob Hill twins. The two sisters wore per 759 . Jeff NolteThis person is full of so much awesome. What an amazing person. I’m guessing she’d be the exact same person if we all saw in black and white. HONY is the best. Always brings beautiful people and things to our world. 22 . Shannon MarieI absolutely love this! More people need to unapologetically be their authentic true selves like this wonderful woman! The world would be a better place!! Keep rocking that greenit looks amazing on you254  George washington 1776 suck it england t-shirt

George washington 1776 suck it england long sleeve
Long sleeve

George washington 1776 suck it england t-shirt

Amanda PauletteI love everything about this. She’s springtime all year round!My signature color is orange and, wow, would that be aggressive. 379 . Lauren JayneWouldn’t the world be a lovely place if we were all a little bit Elizabeth “green lady” what a beautiful soul! 545 . Theresa GilhooleyI placed my Dad in Hospice today. With a heavy heart I’m reading HONY this beautiful woman made me smile. Green is the color of new life. I know life will go on. 58 . Cathy Brown SmithFor some reason, the lyric, “shiny happy people” pops up in my head! 307 . Kara AnneI wish I could post the picture I have of her that I snapped on my way to a first date back in 2010. The guy on that first date became my husband so I like to think she’s good luck.708 . Top FanMelissa Jacobs EstesIt’s not easy being green, said Kermit, but she makes it look effortless!734

George washington 1776 suck it england tank

Unisex Cotton Tee, Unisex Crewneck Sweatshirt, Unisex Hoodie, Unisex Long Sleeve Tee, Unisex Tank Top, Unisex V-Neck Tee


2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, L, M, S, XL


Black, Dark Heather, Green, Light Blue, Navy, Red, Royal, Sport Grey, White


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