God surrounded by German Shepherd angel poster


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I was born at Presbyterian Hospital and came home to west 86th St. Lived there intil my father died when I was three. Went to live with my mothers oldest sister Gertrude and her grown daughter Truda. Truda was a choreographer for Radio City Music Hall. Devan Stuart Lesley. Principal Brother Brian Carty (soon retiring) of De La Salle Academy in Manhattan. His love and dedication mean/meant the world to students like me and countless others. Every morning we would arrive to him playing classic music and his smile and hug. Just saw a video of a pizza delivery man named Vince that booked a flight to take an elderly man a pizza he was missing. Can you find him?. Hello new York Humans . Living legend Penny Arcade!. Although they have relocated to NOLA, Kwami & Dominique of THE HOUSE OF TRIBES on 7th Street God surrounded by German Shepherd angel poster would be a true NY story to tell.

God surrounded by German Shepherd angel poster A1
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God surrounded by German Shepherd angel poster

Bridget Hagan. Heather Kaiser. Forest Hills. If it “were not/weren’t” for this person. . I nominate Julie Laurence. Erin Rhodes Olsen you amd John must have some stories. Tel about your framer friend!. Speak. Stephen Ritz, the Green Bronx Machine.. Karen Mariasi Kaufman. You should check out Jonathan Roumie. He’s a bee Yorker. He plays Jesus in the chosen . He’s pretty interesting dude.. Robert Bender, Principal of PS 11 in Chelsea. Former actor, now “stage director” of one of NYC’s top-performing elementary schools.. I’d love you to interview Shacazia Brown. Native New Yorker, AIDS and LGBTQ+ activist; hospitality culture creator and founder of The SOMWA Foundation.. How about a performer who has been hosting a weekly show over social media, and is currently in an off-Broadway production, on the first shows to go up? Shirley U. Jest has been holding space for performance art since the start of the pandemic, and God surrounded by German Shepherd angel poster

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God surrounded by German Shepherd angel poster

Carolyn Marie. Rebecca. Reema Noor. You go girl!! Dream and live those dreams!!! Karen Tullgren. Woman you are fierce. Helen Correll Good on you . Peter Austin. This is so spot on! My husband is a teacher so he has a very fixed schedule. I’m a Realtor so I can be more flexible. It’s a blessing and a curse. It’s important to me that I’m with my children and I appreciate that my career allows that. I just always. Carla Mc Greevy. Akim Vann Daman J Singh. You go girl!. Good for you to watch out for yourself, to not lose yourself.. Dieter Davis. What a perfect representation of a formidable strong woman. I am so inspired by you! Thank you for sharing your story. It’s ones like this that help keep hope alive . To all women out there, don’t use the children excuse to stop doing what you love. My children are my blessings and motivation to continue loving myself and what I do. Children and house chores doesn’t stop anyone, the only thing that stop you is your

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