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Nancy VanLerberg ArnettMy goodness this hurts my heart. You are so much more than your size! I’m so glad you are in therapy and working through it all! 3 . Abbi Dixon-HaYou sound like an awesome person. I’d rather be friends with a nice heavy person than a skinny jerk. Your so brave to share this! I might be skinny, but I sometimes feel like I’m the odd one out for my looks. I was born without and upper lip and I’m As. Katy RammeIt takes a very smart person to be that funny. You have more going for you than you know.  . Colleen AdamsWow. It sounds like you’ve endured so many years of negative thought patterns and it definitely can multiply your anxiety and depression. I am glad you’re getting help. You deserve to discover who you are without the barrage of self loathing messages Grumpy cat car decal sticker

Grumpy cat car decal sticker 1
Car sticker 1

Grumpy cat car decal sticker

Mohamed Calli MahonGot my copy at Christmas as a much desired gift. I have a child with disabilities and I spend most of my time reading to learn and be a better advocate for him. It’s helped me learn and advocate for myself too. We are fortunate to have started respite Hazel GrennPeople are certainly good at heart . Ehab Al-MotasemLets make 1 post about Humans in Gaza or palestine. You will find more intresting stories about childern who dies for no reason by Israeli army financed by USCheck it out Top fanLoni KerriganWoo, I’m a top fan 1 . Ranieh Al-KhatibHi. I have been following you for years and you are one of my favorite if not the only page I go through every post in. But in the past month I haven’t gotten a chance due to everything happening back in my home country Palestine. I hope you get a chan Grumpy cat car decal sticker

Grumpy cat car decal sticker 2
Car sticker 2

Grumpy cat car decal sticker

Kizzy GfgOutstanding . Madhanmohan Eric SathiyamurthyWhere did it go? . Gabriela Schmid BernerThe moment you scroll through HoNY and realize that you have read every single story of these people! Sometimes they even made me cry, just by reading. It was, and will be a pleasure to read all of your stories. They are so powerful, and I am sure they Fatima Caraway out of RV, organized by Fatima CarawayGetting out of RV, organized by Fatima Caraway1 . Top fanNatecia DanielRandom: how’s Tanqueray Cindy North . Ana Maria BacallaoYou are an amazing human and quite the artist to boot! . Recia BooneCan we get an update on Ms. Stephanie aka Tanqueray  . Melodie CameronNot seeing posts as often anymore- do you have to be apart of the paid Hony Brandon? Last post is April Dora Cartalovely


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