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Leah AO WeeksSounds like you’ve made some great first steps already – seeing a therapist and turning around that inner narrative – all while being funny and introspective. Keep up your excellent work!14 . Paula Santos-ShevettI am just like you. At my peak I was pushing 350 pounds. One suicidal snap later I committed to weight loss and got down to 185 and guess what? I’m still alone/relationship-less. Why? Because it’s not actually about the weight or the way you look, but Vicki EighmeyBaby steps Luke. You got this!!  . Li AdenugaSending you love Luke. I’m so sorry you’re in pain. Thank you for sharing your story. I relate to it in many ways. 6 . Alina IhsanSyed Muhammad Zaid 2 . Gabrielle BarbosaIt’s hurtful to read. I’m happy he’s on therapy, tho. Hope he finds someone who will make everything worth it 2 . Joy BruceI don’t know you but you look like a wonderful person 2  I can’t control anyone else but I can control myself t-shirt

I can't control anyone else but I can control myself long sleeve
Long sleeve

I can’t control anyone else but I can control myself t-shirt

Piotr Starakiewicz I love how his accent comes through . Mariana Horta. Helen Bells . Lafayette Bradford Jr.. read part two also Mychella. Love it!!! I can’t control anyone else but I can control myself t-shirt Caroline Tilda, Annette, Evy Yves Sparklean New York. Joshua Pogue – May be a little inspiration for your wife and you.. Lígia Marinelli. Lamees Rahman. Astor Place was legendary! As a young teen I got my hair cut there once just for the experience. My friends and I used to always stop there just to people watch!. What a great story . Your Barber Shop should be a tourist destination ! Good for you for starting to paint . I remember Astor Place Barbershop well. Always a line waiting for an excellent cut and style!. Vivian Kiester I love this guy and his story!. So where is the art???. Read more about Michael. . I have artist block due to bereavement. I needed inspiration, and then i read this post .

I can't control anyone else but I can control myself hoodie

I can’t control anyone else but I can control myself t-shirt

Really need to read this at this very moment . Anna Lee . Good to hear that. You cut hair? That’s it? I can do that.. Steve read this . Susan Cameron. I love this SO much . Big Mike always doing big!. Emory J. Allman. Roland Hughes Tbpf. Carol Haskins. I read that whole thing with a ‘Joe Pesci style’ voice.. Amy Byrd read this one!. Eve Miishka. Evie Miller. You could buy a house with a barbershop job back then? Mbn. I feel very good too those who start you’re my hero. Apryl Henderson Lytle read this. Tracey Morgan . What a great story. Susan Bussey
Congratulations! It’s never too late to follow your bliss when you finally choose to seize the moment and make it yours!. Sancho Tabucol Jr.. I think you need to read this Theashen Ashley Vandiar part 1:p. BEST memories of Astor Place!!!. YES DUDE! The mans gotta paint!

I can't control anyone else but I can control myself flowy tank
Flowy tank

Unisex Cotton Tee, Unisex Crewneck Sweatshirt, Unisex Hoodie, Unisex Long Sleeve Tee, Unisex Tank Top, Unisex V-Neck Tee


2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, L, M, S, XL


Black, Dark Heather, Green, Light Blue, Navy, Red, Royal, Sport Grey, White


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