I’m a simple man america beer guns t-shirt

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Robin William’s reach still is incalculable. Such an amazing story, Thank you for sharing.. Your trauma hits my heart and I know that we carry the trauma no matter how much time that pass. Your words are beautiful..and I think maybe the smile to Robin was more powerful because you acknowledged him but was respectful of his time with his young daughter that you didn’t want to intrude on them. May Robin be at peace and prayers for the Palestinians to find their peace and freedom soon Powerful !. I lived in the building above the Chess Forum for 14 years. Imad is the real deal. Such a great guy! I’m always glad to see the place still open when I visit the area.. The fact that my tax dollars may have bought that bomb and those snipers makes me feel complicit in this horror.. As I was reading this, I thought this is still happening to any number of young children in Gaza and the occupied territories. This brutal occupation and ongoing displacement has to stop. I’m a simple man america beer guns t-shirt

I'm a simple man america beer guns v-neck

I’m a simple man america beer guns t-shirt

Beautiful story, the heartbreak of the trauma of children of Palestine . The bombs that were dropped on him and his family continue to drop to this day. In the words of Anthony Bourdain, how much longer will the world continue to rob the Palestinians of their humanity? This isn’t a story about Robin Williams, it’s a story of genocide and apartheid that has spanned decades and continues to be tolerated by the world.. Oh my! So much to unpack here. Brother, father, bombs, chess, Robin Williams, Palestinian boy, etc. I don’t even play chess but if I’m in NYC Imad’s shop is on my list. I love this story.My heart aches for the people of Palestine. . This story is not so much about Robin Williams but about a young boy who was betrayed by the people he looked up to. The US’s support of Israeli apartheid and war crimes against Palestinians is simply unconscionable and a big blot on the country’s purported emphasis on human rights. Free Palestine! I’m a simple man america beer guns t-shirt

I'm a simple man america beer guns long sleeve
Long sleeve

I’m a simple man america beer guns t-shirt

Love this! Been in the restaurant business for 25+ years and I’ve met so many amazing people! We get so close to people, we share our stories, grieve with them when one of their loved ones dies, we see the people who come in alone every day and we sit with them as often as we can, we also notice them on Holidays when you know they have family close by, but are still alone and we do our best to be their family on those days. I love the service industry! . Melinda Poehlmann. Your family was her soul family. Priceless! . Josephine, I hope you read this. I found your stories and reflections about the pizzeria very compelling. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s feel that way. You had a dream to illustrate a children’s book, and responsibilities got in the way. But maybe you can still pursue that dream? Your stories would make a wonderful book and you could illustrate it! You could even call it something fun like, “Slice of Life: Stories from a Brooklyn Pizzeria”. I believe it’s never too late to honor dreams based on our gifts and talents, it’s just that we may not take the path we first envisioned to get there.

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