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Denise JohnsonI love the library since I was a little girl. I read Shakespeare and Greek mythology in 4th grade. In 6th grade mr Seidel one of my fav teachers gave me a thesaurus as a gift cause I love to write and read. Working in bold Brooklyn public library was  Jerry Bailey EppingaListening to A Promised Land now while driving cross country.great book. Explains so much and made even better by you narrating. Thanks for sharing your life4 . Candy Cox-AdkinsYou are such a man of compassion and you make me optimistic by giving your time to move young people in the right direction! Thank you for your spirit of dedication and hope for our country! I’m proud to say that I worked here where I live, for both you JoAnn Hodge ImmanuelThank you so very much President Obama!! I totally agree with your view of our younger population! My daughter and her friends, whom I am with often, are in their early 30’s and I feel they are the way!!12  Kansas city chiefs missouri nfl football hawaiian shirt

Kansas city chiefs missouri nfl football hawaiian shirt 2
hawaiian shirt 2

Kansas city chiefs missouri nfl football hawaiian shirt

Thank you sir for your continued service to the people of this nation. Your kindness and empathy are a beacon of hope in these dark times. Thank you for the reminder that our voice and our stories matter The Affordable Care Act allowed my brother to be treated with dignity and care for the 11 months that he lived after a diagnosis of liver cancer. Thank you President Obama for listening to the people who needed your help and making affordable healthThank you for working for people like Natoma all over the US! What a wonderful tribute!. Thank you for fighting for her, and for all of us. What a beautiful tribute to her. Her legacy lives on in the ACA and in your continued work.. This is what a compassionate, caring human being does. It’s always about others. Beautiful tribute and your empathy shows who you are and have always been. Thank you for YOU! Kansas city chiefs missouri nfl football hawaiian shirt

Kansas city chiefs missouri nfl football hawaiian shirt 1
hawaiian shirt 1

Kansas city chiefs missouri nfl football hawaiian shirt

Beautiful tribute to a woman who’s story helped changed the course of our country. Beautiful president who took the time to read her letter, feel empathy and feel empowered to do something to actually help her and other Americans in similar situations. Thank you, Mr. President, for continuing to be a leader with empathy and sharing Natoma’s story. I wish her peace after her two time fight. I am also a breast cancer survivor and I am so relieved that empathetic leadership is back in the White House a. And this is what made you such a great President, your empathy and passion for us common people who struggle every day. Thank you, sir. I would be on welfare by now if it wasn’t for the ACA allowing me to be covered with my nonsensical preexisting condition. Thank you. A hundred times over, thank you. The system has a long way to go but this was a critical step.

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