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Thank you for being an incredible role model for my son of a compassionate,strong man who treats people with decency. Thanks for being such a wonderful representative of our country and making us proud. You have been a blessing and I’m so grateful to h See more. Thank you for sharing Natoma’s story. May she Rest in Peace . Natoma’s plight reminds me to be ever grateful for the National Health Service here in the UK . A gentle reminder that each of us can make a positive difference. ACA has kept me alive. 2x brain cancer patient, because of ACA I had top level care. Thanks, Obama!. Mr. President, In February 1, 2016, I was taken, by ambulance, to Geisinger Wyoming Valley Hospital here in Wilkes-Barre, PA, in respiratory distress (it was my heart). I had no insurance. When I had tried to get ACA in 2014, we had a Republican Gove New england patriots nfl football hawaiian shirt

New england patriots nfl football hawaiian shirt 2
hawaiian shirt 2

New england patriots nfl football hawaiian shirt

As a pancreatic cancer patient, I sometimes think of those individuals without adequate health care to fight this beast. I’m fortunate that I have a good health care plan that has extended my life expectancy beyond the 1 year prognosis. Everyone should. A wonderful tribute. So sad that so many cannot see that healthcare is a human right. Thank you Mr. President for getting us this far, but there is much more work left to do. Keep up the fight!. Our hero Natoma may you rest in peace. Several years later my family needed the protection of the ACA. Had a beautiful daughter who was in the NICU for 8 months after birth. Without the ACA, my child of less than a year would have met her lifetime limit Thank you for keeping it real always. You are a man for all people. The honor you give Natoma in this memorial is beautiful. New england patriots nfl football hawaiian shirt

New england patriots nfl football hawaiian shirt 1
hawaiian shirt 1

New england patriots nfl football hawaiian shirt

A great man with a good heart! We missed that during the last four years!!. Thank you so much for sharing! The nation needs to know the impact one positive thing can have.. That made that women’s day or week, etc. To know that our President really cared and invited her to participate made the works to her. No one is perfect but how you handled everything during #showtheworld what type of a person you are. Thank you for. Tears. I am reading this from the chemo suite where I am being treated for breast cancer. The journey I am on is bewildering and scary at times. I cannot imagine how I would navigate this path without insurance. Many thanks President Obama for every I have survived two different cancers, breast in 2013, and uterine in 2020. I credit the ACA and your hard work with saving my life. Thank you to you, to Natoma Canfield, and so many others who had a part in making that possible.

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