Nurse you’ll never walk alone jordan 13 shoes

Processing days: 8-10 business days

MATERIAL: Artificial Suede, Insole Material – Rubber

ADVANCED 3D PRINT TECHNOLOGY: Using advanced 3D digital printing technology, the image is vivid, the color is bright and strong

COLOR DIFFERENCE: there may be slight color difference between pictures and objects due to differences in light and dark contrast display of personal monitors.

SMELL: shoes that have just left the factory will have some glue smell, regardless of quality, and the glue smell will disperse when placed in the ventilated place.

ABOUT QUALITY: broken bottom, degumming, damage, serious color difference, serious stain this shoe is responsible for all expenses. Small connecter, small stains, micro color difference, micro glue smell are not quality problems.


1. If there is no tracking information after a month or not delivered after 2 months, you can contact us to ask for a resend or refund. You do not need to open a dispute, please contact us to solve your problem.

2. Please Note: We do not cover any item damaged after use or as the result of water damage. We are not responsible for any custom duty or import tax.

  • You must provide as much detail as possible about the problem you have
  • The return authorization will be issued.



– Since the size is manually measured, please allow a slight dimension difference.

– Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual colour of the item might be slightly different from the visual pictures.

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Nurse you’ll never walk alone jordan 13 shoes

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