Shark heart american flag independence day shirt

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Dude COVID or not, you are a powerful person. You help the city run. You help give it its energy. You bring joy to people. You are my hero. Thank you.. As a native New Yorker living in Pa for the past 32 years we decided to revisit once we were vaccinated. Every three weeks we stay overnight for one night to help support our favorite city’s comeback. I posted pictures and thoroughly encourage those . I live in Downtown Atlanta and it was a surreal few months last spring, living in the heart of a city with empty streets, empty sidewalks, every shop closed, Georgia State U. closed, no office workers, no conventioneers, no tourists. There aren’t a hug . This is what I envision when I think of humanity at its finest. And I’d like to shout out to the person who took the time to actually write to the transportation system to submit the commendation for the driver. Shark heart american flag independence day shirt

Shark heart american flag independence day hoodie

Shark heart american flag independence day shirt

I’ve lived here 16 years and stayed through the entire pandemic. Feeling the life drain out of NYC was heartbreaking and terrifying but those of us who decided to stay always saw glimmers of light: the 5pm applause that echoed through the streets, the . I was blessed to be able to visit New York during the quarantine and it was such an eerie experience. The streets were silent, but the stillness provided an opportunity to spend time talking with the people who make the city so special. It was . YES!! have a fight in them, a fire that can never be extinguished. “If you can make it here, you can make it ANYWHERE!!” We pulled out of the rubble of 911 and will come out of COVID too.. Honestly, for those of us who didn’t leave, we have been hanging New York strong the whole time! We have been enjoying and supporting our local bars, restaurants, and bakeries for over a year and so proud of the way we have held each other up. I hope w Shark heart american flag independence day shirt

Shark heart american flag independence day sweatshirt

Shark heart american flag independence day shirt

I’m tearfully happy for New York and Broadway coming back to life and in tears of despair for my country (Philippines) because we seem to be so left behind . I wasn’t worried. No matter what you throw at her, New York always bounces back. . I agree, Brandon!! I’m a native from LI, who for various reasons moved to Tampa 5 yrs ago. 2 months ago I moved back north and am focusing on getting “home”. I missed everything about home (except cost of living and home prices lol). Went into th . I had no doubt it would “come back”. New York will always be New York.. I was born in the Bronx but at 31 I married a man from the heartland of America. New York is such a special place and I’m proud to be a New Yorker. I haven’t been to NYC since 1985, but I’m still a New Yorker. I’m thrilled to hear the greatest city is

Shark heart american flag independence day tank
TankShark heart american flag independence day tank