Sugar skull Harley Davidson shirt, hoodie, tank top


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Let’s buy this Sugar skull Harley Davidson shirt, it’s a great shirt that you should have. If you wanna get this shirt, first choose the type of shirt you want to buy, then choose your favorite color, finally choose the shirt size. It will take about 3 to 5 days to produce the shirt and about 14 days to ship to your home.

Sugar skull Harley Davidson shirt

You love Harly Davidson, this Sugar skull Harley Davidson shirt is a cool shirt for you. Because, since the 1960’s, at least, Harley-Davidsons haven’t been just motorcycles. They’ve been cultural statements, political statements, expressions of the rider’s intended place in society, and a whole lot of other cultural/social baggage. As was quoted once, “How many other products have their customers deliberately tattooing the company logo on their bodies?” There was a time, fifty years ago, when ownership of a Harley-Davidson was a nice, not-so-polite way of saying “fuck you” to society in general. Because nice people, who were into motorcycles, rode Hondas. The people who’s attitude was opposite them rode Harley’s. And a romance was born, helped along by a whole lot of cheap drive-in movies in the 1960’s of outlaw motorcycle clubs (they’re clubs, not gangs, no matter what the movies said), making an impression on a lot of suburban teenagers who didn’t have the nerve to buy a Harley then, but did in massive numbers twenty five years later when they had lots of disposable income.

History of Harley Davidson!

In 1901, multi year-old William S. Harley drew up plans for a little motor with a relocation of 7.07 cubic inches (116 cc) and four-inch (102 mm) flywheels intended for use in a customary pedal-bike outline. Throughout the following two years, he and his beloved companion Arthur Davidson chipped away at their engine bike utilizing the northside Milwaukee machine shop at the home of their companion Henry Melk. It was done in 1903 with the assistance of Arthur’s sibling Walter Davidson. After testing their capacity cycle, Harley and the Davidson siblings thought that it couldn’t climb the slopes around Milwaukee without pedal help, and they discounted their first engine bike as an important learning experiment.  The three started chip away at an as good as ever machine with a motor of 24.74 cubic inches (405 cc) with 9.75 in (24.8 cm) flywheels gauging 28 lb (13 kg). Its propelled circle outline design was like the 1903 Milwaukee Merkel bike structured by Joseph Merkel, later of Flying Merkel distinction. The greater motor and circle outline configuration removed it from the mechanized bike class and denoted the way to future cruiser plans. They additionally got help with their greater motor from detachable engine pioneer Ole Evinrude, who was then structure gas motors of his own plan for car use on Milwaukee’s Lake Street.

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