Union pacific living legend no. 844 hawaiian shirt


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This is just beautiful!. Thank you for being such an amazing caring loving person. Too often all one needs is a friendly face, a genuine smile, a heartfelt good morning or afternoon. Thank you for being that person, that bus driver. So many times I rode the bus to school and. Josh Atherton. The part of the pandemic that people won’t bring up. Along with losing those that had covid, are those that died of depression, loneliness, broken hearts to being alone during this nonsense. Human’s were meant to be there for people- I’m thankful you’r. Your stories make me feel better . Thank you for the incredible and inspiring attitude and the love for your job and the appreciation you show. Years ago I was in San Francisco for a college entrance interview. My mom and I clearly looked like tourists. We were running late and were going to miss our flight. The bus driver went off his route and took us straight to the airport. I’ll never forg Union pacific living legend no. 844 hawaiian shirt

Union pacific living legend no 844 hawaiian shirt 1
Hawaiian shirt 1

Union pacific living legend no. 844 hawaiian shirt

Thank you Luis, love this . Thank You Luis . I will research TikTok, YouTube influencer for influencer marketing Union pacific living legend no. 844 hawaiian shirt In a World of Donalds, try and be a Luis . Nice one dear. Mayet German Tiaoqui This story made my already wonderful day . Luis! I grew up with himwow look at that . The world is a better place because of Luis . What is his name?????? YOU SIR ARE A GREAT HUMAN BEING!! Thank you!! . You did absolutely great.. Sukhan Saar. Bus drivers are the unsung heroes of NYC. They literally held the transit system together during the pandemic.. Sal Cotching. Thought you’d like this story Robert Van Ryan. Tina Samuels Beale how we miss NY . Shantal Irvin I’ve been fortunate enough to have a car for many years now but I remember being a bus rider. And yes, the drivers really do make a difference. Especially on the longer routes.

Union pacific living legend no 844 hawaiian shirt 2
Hawaiian shirt 2

Union pacific living legend no. 844 hawaiian shirt

Carla AndersonBrittany Dawn Perryman1 . Top fanRina MerolliSo sorry for your losswishing you much luck in keeping your grandfather’s legacy prosperous!1 . Nadia TecuanhueyBeautiful story, God bless2 . Kristie RoerigThis is a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing. . Lisa Bunton . Joy Hitt BoykinHow special  . AlexaChema Perez  . Shauna BAkalaThis was such a lovely story . Sara FlynnBeautiful story . Priya GillCharles Hem . Mary SmithClueless . Lee CarmenatesWhat a beautiful story! . Yvette Petersen BabbI am so sorry for your loss— my heart hurts for similarities with family and memory— I remember my Nana had dementia- which I assume someday I will have- anyway, my Mom (her daughter) and I visited and my Nana could remember my name, but not my Mom. Sandi Bernhardt AndersenThis just warms my heart1 . Kim NortonGrandparents are irreplaceable! You are so lucky to have had this man in your life . Kate Ullman ShadeNow I wish I weren’t a vegetarian so I could come buy something at your store!