Behind every good woman are a lot of horses shirt

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hold up, lemme go listen to that song!!.   Behind every good woman are a lot of horses shirt · Follow.   · Follow Oh how I’ve missed our HONY and stories. This right here, is a reminder about how easy we should take things as our world slowly opens up.. Anyone else listening to “For the Good Times” for the first time?. her outlook is super inspiring. Love, from a girl who was feeling like going back to bed today.. I love so much how she is really just basking in the simple & beautiful complexities of her day. I’m going to slow down today and appreciate every minute.. One of my favorite Al Green songs . Nice! Gotta push yourself out of the depression spiral, sounds like you did it today. Congrats!. This lady is my hero today. Thanks for putting one on for the girls. Stay fierce.. This is the gentle pep talk I think so many of us are needing right now. Thanks for sharing this.

Behind every good woman are a lot of horses hoodie

Behind every good woman are a lot of horses shirt

I love how much explanation goes into the ‘Old, like, really old,’ artist Al green.. “Old Southern artist” Al Green???? I love the rest of her story, but girlfriend has apparently missed out on some excellent music from someone still alive and making music.. “So I put one on for the girls.” . Energy begets energy but people have no idea how hard it can be. Ps your hair looks perfect . Sometimes it is not life that paralyzes us. It is us that paralyze with the thought of life. It has happened to me, the hardest is the first step. But you never regret when you get moving, then you start wondering why you didn’t do it sooner.. Taking control over her life! We control what we can in our lives and need to let go of what we can’t and enjoy every second!! . To think she almost didn’t. . . we’d have not met her. . . seen her face. . . felt her peace. I’m glad you showed up, NoName Badass! Behind every good woman are a lot of horses shirt

Behind every good woman are a lot of horses long sleeve
Long sleeve

Behind every good woman are a lot of horses shirt

That energy is harder and harder to find. Glad you kept that head up. You do you.. I like how she speaks about Al Green as if he’s from the 17th century, and obscure.. Brittany Simpson. You are the boss. I am a grandmother trying to get the courage to go out on a beautiful day. You give me a little inspiration. The way you described this was beautiful and gave me a little start. Thank you. I live in rural Michigan, but I will go out with a bit of your urban spunk.. Enjoy it girlfriend! (did this make anyone else smile and remember that perfect feeling). Poetry right there. Thank you for this. The beasts of depression, illness, low energy, just generally “having a rough time” are tough to deal with sometimes, but you pushed through and rocked it. I’m wishing you all the best, today and every day.

Behind every good woman are a lot of horses sweatshirt


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