Elephant i am brave i am bruised i am who i’m meant to be this is me poster


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I don’t know what you think of me; Elephant i am brave i am bruised i am who i’m meant to be this is me poster, but there is no great mystery about me; you see what I am. Your brother told me that my antecedents and occupations were against me; that your family stands, somehow, on a higher level than I do. That is an idea which of course I don’t understand and don’t accept. But you don’t care anything about that.

Elephant i am brave i am bruised i am who i’m meant to be this is me poster

“Since it has been all so unique with me,” she answered. “I never had any one, pony or man, that was benevolent to me, or that I wanted to if you don’t mind for in any case I was taken from my mom when I was weaned, and put with a great deal of other youthful colts; none of them thought about me, and I thought about none of them. There was no thoughtful ace like yours to care for me, and converse with me, and carry me decent things to eat. Elephant i am brave i am bruised i am who i’m meant to be this is me poster The man that had the consideration of us never gave me a caring word in my life. I don’t imply that he not well utilized me, however he couldn’t have cared less for us the slightest bit farther than to see that we had bounty to eat, and cover in the winter. A pathway went through our field, and all the time the extraordinary young men going through would throw stones to make us jog. I was never hit, yet one fine youthful foal was gravely cut in the face, and I should figure it would be a scar forever. We couldn’t have cared less for them, obviously it made us all the more wild, and we settled it in our brains that young men were our foes. Be that as it may, when it came to breaking in, that was an awful an ideal opportunity for me; a few men came to get me, and when finally they shut me in at one corner of the field, one got me by the forelock, another captured me by the nose and held it so close I could scarcely draw my breath; at that point another took my under jaw in his hard hand and torqued my mouth open, thus forcibly they jumped on the strap and the bar into my mouth; at that point one hauled me along by the bridle, another flagellating behind, and this was the main experience I had of men’s graciousness; it was all power.


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“There was one – the old ace, Mr. Ryder – who, I think, could before long have brought me round, and could have done anything with me; however he had surrendered all the critical step of the exchange to his child and to another accomplished man, and he just came now and again to supervise. His child was a solid, tall, intense man; they called him Samson, and he used to flaunt that he had never discovered a pony that could toss him. Elephant i am brave i am bruised i am who i’m meant to be this is me poster We had a ton of fun in the free glades, dashing here and there and pursuing each other all around the field; at that point stopping under the shade of the trees. There was no tenderness in him, as there was in his dad, however just hardness, a hard voice, a hard eye, a hard hand; and I felt from the main that what he needed was to destroy all the soul of me, and simply make me into a peaceful, unassuming, loyal bit of horseflesh. ‘Horseflesh’! Indeed, that is all that he considered,” and Ginger stepped her foot as though the very idea of him drove her crazy. At that point she went on:

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They didn’t allow me to comprehend what they needed. Elephant i am brave i am bruised i am who i’m meant to be this is me poster I was high reproduced and had a lot of soul, and was wild, no uncertainty, and gave them, I dare say, a lot of difficulty, yet then it was terrifying to be quieted down in a slow down for quite a while as opposed to having my freedom, and I worried and pined and needed to get free. You realize yourself it’s terrible enough when you have a benevolent ace and a lot of urging, however there was nothing of that sort for me.