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Carolyn AugustineOne more “Wonderful” for your collection. . Top fanLy Phương ĐỗLong Do . Pamela TextilesymásInspiring Thanks. . Swathell Dav MorrisLove your paintings  . Alexandre RoseCool  . Meggan RossleeVenmo or Vimeo or whatever . Yisel VasquezEPIC!!! . Top fanGimbiya Farve KwahaIt is never too late. . Eric GarrisonWay to go Big Mike! Baller. I love it. . Top fanJessie Peyton CodyKathleen Donahue1 . Top fanVal FloresBeautiful story and amazing paintings!!! Kudos to you for continuing to believe in yourself!! Now all will know the talents you have! . Laurie ArnoldLook at the utter pride is his wife’s eyes  . Pat Ficker KinkaidWonderful story. Keep on painting . Ay Elle Emme BellI love your story Big Mike & will be adding “shandooble” to my vocabulary! . Top fanJoyce ChenJiamin Chen . Top fanKojo GHLove you all . Katy LynnHolly Anne Smith . Justyn Michael Zolli“The whole Shandooble” is now part of my vocabulary. 1 . Juliet Di PietroLaura DiPietro . Davis WilliamsYour an inspiration . Ana ValentinYou sir are by far, more then just an artist and your painting are definitely a work of art  Lamborghini aventador gold hawaiian shirt

Lamborghini aventador gold hawaiian shirt 1
Hawaiian shirt 1

Lamborghini aventador gold hawaiian shirt

Nikilia Lorraine ReidDude!!! You are really good. . Top fanRonja SakataRegina Krone . Betsy BroughtonI love you. And I love ”the whole shandooble.”  . Michaleen BashamDear Big Mike, no matter how wonderful you paint (and it IS wonderful) you will have detractors. Ignore them. You are a talented man who has a lot to offer. Hang in there. . Top fanWendy MastandreaThese are fantastic!! Just keep painting. Just keep painting . Jessica Bullock”I can do it!” I have started saying this when I think about all the things I want to do in my lifetime! In fact, I’m going to print this out and tape it up all over my home and office! Thank you so much, Mike! You are truly an inspiration to me!  . Laura AnneI love this! Gives me hope. I never wanted to be a nurse forever and *blink* 25 years go by. . SuzieSo glad his daughter got him on “the Instagram” so DeNiro and others can get his paintings.   Lamborghini aventador gold hawaiian shirt

Lamborghini aventador gold hawaiian shirt 2
Hawaiian shirt 2

Lamborghini aventador gold hawaiian shirt

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