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Gay WilliamsSo glad for you. Be you! It’s more than enoughyou are valued and loved as is.1 . Mary Jill CalleryEven cuter and obviously a really special guy seeing him live w video!!! Can’t wait for more follow up news!!!2 . Top fanSusan McElwainHumility, gratitude and love of life are qualities that come from within. This young man oozes ‘goodness’. If he chooses, the weight can come off. It is something that is changeable, the other qualities are from the heart, and they aren’t easy to attai. Brenda BrenzaStill good people in this world:) . Lynn WustnerI read your story when my son in law shared it on his page. I quickly looked up Humans of New York and became a follower. You are amazing. Please try to never put yourself down ever again. To me weight is a medical issue (I’ve struggled my whole life) Sphynx black cat car decal sticker

Sphynx black cat car decal sticker 1
Car sticker 1

Sphynx black cat car decal sticker

Top fanJoyce ChenJiamin Chen . Kojo GHLove you all . Blet SandraLove his whole story . Katy LynnHolly Anne Smith . Justyn Michael Zolli“The whole Shandooble” is now part of my vocabulary. 1 . Juliet Di PietroLaura DiPietro . Davis WilliamsYour an inspiration . Ana ValentinYou sir are by far, more then just an artist and your painting are definitely a work of art . Nikilia Lorraine ReidDude!!! You are really good. . Top fanRonja SakataRegina Krone . Betsy BroughtonI love you. And I love ”the whole shandooble.”  . Michaleen BashamDear Big Mike, no matter how wonderful you paint (and it IS wonderful) you will have detractors. Ignore them. You are a talented man who has a lot to offer. Hang in there. . Top fanWendy MastandreaThese are fantastic!! Just keep painting. Just keep painting . Jessica Bullock”I can do it!” I have started saying this when I think about all the things I want to do in my lifetime! In fact, I’m going to print this out and tape it up all over my home and office! Thank you so much, Mike! You are truly an inspiration to me!   Sphynx black cat car decal sticker

Sphynx black cat car decal sticker 2
Car sticker 2

Sphynx black cat car decal sticker

Alina IhsanSyed Muhammad Zaid 2 . Gabrielle BarbosaIt’s hurtful to read. I’m happy he’s on therapy, tho. Hope he finds someone who will make everything worth it 2 . Joy BruceI don’t know you but you look like a wonderful person 2 . Eric ErvinHi5 Luke, stay the course 1 . Despina PsillouLoving yourself is never easy even for those who don’t look like they would have issues with their self image. If you’re a good person inside that’s what should be loved, everything else outside is just decoration.2 . Jpf UghBeing fat is not the reason you don’t have a girlfriend.Your lack of confidence is why you don’t have a girlfriend.You’re a funny handsome guy, who is a decent human being, you’re already a catch, you just need to believe in yourself. Nancy CareyI like you already Luke2 . Yasmin MontalvoLuke sending you love and hugs . Eileen ClarkHoping by sharing your story with millions, that armor will start to break and the layers will peel away. You seem pretty self aware and realize that the self deprecating humor is your go to defense mechanism. Change is uncomfortable. Let yourself be


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