Vintage Dad knows a lot but grandpa knows everything shirt

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Love this! I did feel personally attacked at the “Really old, even before your time” line. Oh, HONY! I missed these stories so much since your last post almost a month ago. Thank you for doing what you do, and absolute lovely hearing her story.. It’s Her awareness & consciousness to the world fo me !!!!!!! also her inner dialog gave me peace. She’s soulfood.. This is the best stream of consciousness ever. I love that she felt like a boss!. I hear that she’s depressed in what she says. I’m glad that she had a good day today but I’m hoping she gets some help because the way she talks about having to psych herself up to do anything sounds very debilitating to me. I want her to have more good days that what she may be having right now.. That’s the beauty of New York and it’s people. One day you are a mess and another day you are in full control. Vintage Dad knows a lot but grandpa knows everything shirt

Vintage Dad knows a lot but grandpa knows everything hoodie

Vintage Dad knows a lot but grandpa knows everything shirt

Al Green might be “old” but also apparently TIMELESS!. HONY is out meeting people again!!!!!! . Lovely story, but please. don’t jump the turnstile. It really isn’t worth it to get arrested and cops can be hiding inside or out.. Listening to Al Green “For the Good Times” now and I’m going to go out too! . Like a . Yes! One step at a time. Drink the juice, take a shower, make it outside. Beating pandemic langour takes a bunch of small steps. Great job! Enjoy the sunny day!. You are an artist with your descriptions and words. Thanks for this.. Cackling at al green being considered old . Ashley Robinson Vintage Dad knows a lot but grandpa knows everything shirt Love this for you, Queen! May you have many good days ahead that are warm without any chilly spots . Even before your time.. a penny for his facial expression . Way to put one on for the girls!

Vintage Dad knows a lot but grandpa knows everything sweatshirt

Vintage Dad knows a lot but grandpa knows everything shirt

Dairy Carrie I think she’s doing perfectly well.. Dairy Carrie righteous anger is healthy. absolutely.. Dairy Carrie That’s a lovely sentiment.. Dairy Carrie perfectly expressed.. Jen Lugon. Processing traumatic events is not a competition, therefore no one is really doing it “better” than anyone else. That’s a contest that doesn’t really exist. We’re all just here walking each other home. I think the word that is bothering some people here is, better. If the last line were, I don’t know if I could do it either, it wouldn’t sound as judgmental.. Jen Lugon. Shelley Beach Agreed. Either or differently would be better word choices.. Monique von Scheven Yes, they might be better word choices for yours and my mind/perspective. But I’m not sure that whatever word or words are used in response to this achingly heartfelt and heart wrenching story – viewed by over 100,000 people and replied to by over 4,000 people – would or could be interpreted or compatible for every one of us with the deep visceral feelings it has brought up in all us. Language, how we use it and what we ‘mean’ when we use it becomes a slippery slope. We all try for nuances and understanding and unfortunately we, or least I, never get it right all of the time. Sigh

Vintage Dad knows a lot but grandpa knows everything tank


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